Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Resident Agreement?

Yes, there is a detailed agreement which outlines your rights and entitlements and all conditions of residency plus all of our obligations to you. There is also a ‘Public Information Document’ that you should read before signing the contract.

What is the Licence Fee?

The Licence Fee is a one-off fee levied to secure your villa and your right to occupy the villa. The amount that you pay depends on the type of accommodation you choose.

What happens with the Licence Fee?

The fee enables Kewarra Retirement Village to carry out its operations for your duration of stay. The fee is refunded after you depart less the Deferred Management Fee.

What does the Basic Service Fee cover?

The Basic Service Fee is payable by all residents and covers:

  • 24 hour emergency assistance call buttons – in your villa and on the telephone
  • A telephone connection
  • Rates and water charges
  • Building insurance
  • Administration costs
  • External maintenance and repairs to communal buildings and villas, and maintenance of all faults, externally
  • Garden and pool (common areas) maintenance

Do I need to pay any insurance?

We recommend you have contents insurance.

Will I have any other expenses?

Yes, there are some additional things you will need to pay for, they may include:

  • Telephone usage (standard rates)
  • Contents insurance
  • Groceries
  • Hairdressing and beauty services
  • Medical expenses
  • Car insurance (if applicable)

Can family and friends stay?

Yes, you may have guests stay with you for up to two weeks at a time. If your guests are staying longer than two weeks, we ask you to provide a written request beforehand. Guests of Kewarra Retirement Village residents may also enjoy discounted accommodation rates at Kewarra Beach Resort and Spa.